Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eventually, I Will Get with the Program

Okay, I know I said I was going to start writing more now that I have my computer hooked up. I probably can't get away with the excuse that our Internet has been acting up, because of course, I could have at least written and posted later. And that excuse probably flies with you even less because I was in fact at my parents' house for three nights, where the Internet was working just fine. But I'm willing to bet, you will allow the excuse that my family led to my unproductive behavior. Who wouldn't agree that family has the ability to take you completely off track? Whatever your goal: cleaning, organizing, writing, weight loss, job hunting, wedding planning, family always wants to help, but usually only makes it worse. If you don't agree, then you are one lucky duck! (Even as I type this my cat has begun to walk over my keyboard, making this post mighty tricky.)

I will get with the program soon. Really not much exciting has happened anyway. Here is a quick overview: Chris and I have cleaned the place up minimally, but it's starting to come together nicely. The good news is that I have found my camera and even the cable, so as soon as I unpack the rest of my car, I can finally post a few pictures.

On Saturday, Chris and I met with the caterer at the wedding location. It was a very quick consultation. We just went over the basics: how many people will come? buffet or not? food allergies or preferences? It will be about 85 people, buffet style, and we have no really prefernces on food except that Chris' step-sister is a vegetarian; oh, and I absolutely HATE mushrooms. We figured out the logistics and I think it's going to be beautiful. We'll have a sample menu in a couple weeks and the caterer works with the rental company for tables, tents, and chairs, the works! Stay tuned for more to come!

As I said, I went to my parents' house Sunday night. (Don't get ahead of yourself there! There was no blowout fight or exciting news that sent me rushing home to mother. I just left a lot of junk at home because of my horrendous packing skills.) Before making the drive back home, I made a list of all the things I wanted to be sure to bring back to the apartment. You'll be surprised to hear that not only did I find everything on the list, but I successfully packed it into my car and got it here!

I'm not quite ready to post about my weight loss yet. I haven't gotten with that program yet either, but I will say that my goal is to lose 65 pounds; and I do have the much to lose. More to come on that as well.

As for job hunting...that hasn't even made it's way onto page one of my "To Do" list yet. I'm getting there. Eventually...


Lauren said...

I'm so glad Melanie told me about your blog, now I won't have to bug your mom to find out what you are up to! We all miss ya, it's not the same at the DO without you!!