Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Finally on Track, But How Long Will It Last?

With January quickly coming to an end, I fear that once it’s gone, my motivation will be too. I use the term motivation in the loosest sense as we all know I don’t have much. Lately, I’ve been using what little I have and powering through though. I’m actually following through with some of the goals I set. (I choose not to call these New Year’s resolutions because I am strongly against making New Year’s resolutions. Those are just made to be broken.)

I’ve actually started being more pro-active in my wedding planning. This week I even went to and created a wedding website for Chris and I. By next week, I hope to even have the “save the date” emails out. (However, next week will be February, so there’s not telling if that’s going to happen.) I’ve talked recently to my bridesmaid about a dress that we both love and as she is conveniently making my invitations as well, about those too. Things are well underway.

As far as job hunting goes, I’m still slacking on that front. I just feel like I need to get a few more things under control before I can start working. At least, I was feeling that way. I going to set a date for myself: next Tuesday I must begin the process of starting to find a job. My former boss gave me a letter of recommendation, something I was always too afraid to ask for in the past, so my application materials are that much more complete. While my savings are dwindling, I’ve been curbing my shopping habit (which is incredibly hard for me). I feel guilty shopping when I have no idea when my next source of income will come in and I refuse to beg Chris for an allowance. There is no reason for that. (I understand there are many situations when one person in the relationship must support the other, but I’m just being lazy in my job search. If I truly cannot find a job soon, then I may reconsider this scenario.)

My goal to get out from under the clutter is going better than I ever expected. I’ve been very diligent in donating and throwing away things that I don’t truly need. I realize I keep mentioning how much of a shopaholic I am, but haven’t shown you much in that respect if you don’t already know me personally. That’s mostly because I’ve been trying to not even think about shopping since I don’t have the means to do it at this time. Here is one example though. I am a shoe and purse fanatic! Now, I haven’t gotten around to going through my shoes yet, but I decided last night, to sort through my purses. Besides the handful of purses that I have scattered about, I brought 3 bins full of a variety of purses: bags large enough to be used as computer totes, small clutches and tiny wristlets, from more luxurious brands like Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, and Coach, to the one with more everyday prices points like Nine West, Nicole Miller, Rampage, and Guess, even a few Wal-Mart and Payless purchases. I don’t discriminate. While I do get a thrill buying designer brands, I truly go for the aesthetic appeal; if it’s cute, classy, stylish, or anything in between, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Anyway, I digress. I was wanted to pat myself on the back for donating an entire box of purses. And I don’t mean some small box; I mean a full on medium moving box from Home Depot. I usually have such a hard time getting rid of purses, thinking that I can use them again sometime, but the truth is I never use them again. I’ve already moved on and bought ten more purses, some I will use and some I never will. The purses are just the beginning; I’m totally getting my junk situation under control.

I’m still not quite ready to talk about my weight loss goals. Weight is something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I’m embarrassed to even talk about it. I always feel judged on it, but when I delve too deep into trying to lose weight, I become obsessed and it consumes me. I’m working on finding a happy medium before I start going public with my weight blogs. (I continue to work on them privately.)

Finally, I have one more goal that I haven’t mentioned on my blog. The reason being: it is so new. I was readying over the February “People: Style Watch” one of my favorite magazines. It has an article about 5 ways to getting great skin. Since I’m all gung-ho about goals right now, and my wedding in coming up in August, I figured I might as well work on getting great skin. My skin is fine, if not a little dry, nothing great. I don’t breakout much, but when I do I always get one or two giant blemishes that no matter what you do, you can’t cover and you can’t resist picking (eww, I know, but it’s the truth). Anyway, I’m working on taking better care of my skin. I’m starting with a new night regime for now: I start with some basic cream face wash, then put on a newly purchased serum that is supposed to even out skin tone, and follow that with another newly purchases ultra-moisturizing cream, top it off with cream made specifically for the eye area and you’re set. So far, I haven’t seen a change, but it’s only been about two days so stay tuned if you’re interested to find out.


Melanie said...

LOL! I love how you got rid of a "full on MEDIUM moving box" of purses. We will someday take the next step and get rid of a LARGE box!

But I know what you mean. When I moved, I got rid of of a whole crap load of purses that I knew I wouldn't use again, but that I had kept for a full decade, you know, "just in case". It was really hard to get rid of them, but it feels better not to have them scatterd around collecting dust!