Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Like to Move It, Move It

Not so much. Moving is not so fun. There are a lot of reasons why moving isn’t fun, but here is how it went down…

I moved from my parents’ house, the house that I lived in since I was born. My mom is a borderline hoarder. (Don’t ever let her know that I admitted that to the world, but it’s true.) That means that pretty much everything I have ever owned is still in that house, and if I try to get rid of it, she usually interrupts me and says, “Aw, you’re going to get rid of that?” Thus, I have pretty much everything since I was born in that house, not to mention all the furniture and other things I accumulated in the four years I was away at school. All that added up to the process of packing becoming too overwhelming, so I gave up and left a bunch of stuff there. I’m heading back Monday to start to make heads and tails of it all.

As if packing wasn’t bad enough, there is the actual process of loading everything into the truck. My dad, bless his heart, wanted to help, but due to back injuries, can hardly even walk. He stood in the way, moved one thing at a time, and most of all, aggravated me. He also spent the whole time commenting on how half of the moving truck was full of my shoes. Yes, Dad. Anyone who knows me knows I have a large collection of shoes. It is not my fault, as I said, I’m a shopaholic. (Oh no, I just used the word “collection” to describe my belongings. I’m afraid my own hoarding tendencies are starting to show through. It’s genetic you know!)

Anyway, my fiancé and I loaded up the truck and my SUV and drove the two hours to get to the new place. It was getting late and we still needed to return the truck, so we decided to do a quick unload and leave everything in the garage for the time being. That was Saturday, January 9th. It’s Wednesday, January 13th and most of it is still there.

I did bring up a few boxes from the garage. I started with kitchen gear, and after putting hours of working into it, the kitchen is really starting to come along. The bedroom is pretty complete; it just needs a little artwork or something. The walk-in closet is almost empty as my clothes are almost all still in the garage. (Chris, that’s my fiancé, gave me the entire walk-in because it’s not all that big and, being a shopaholic, I have a lot of clothes.) The second bedroom is almost entirely empty and the office has become a catch all for junk. The dining room/built-in desk area have turned out great. (That’s where I’m working right now. The living room is a disaster, but while look a lot better after we get all the boxes and garbage out. (I plan to post pictures soon, after I find where I packed my camera!)

Finally, I'm happy to report that everything has been great living with Chris (and the two kitties) so far. He's being patient with my slow moving in style and I'm pitching in by making dinner for him so it's ready when he gets home from work. I love the new place; the set-up is great and so are all the amenities. We have even taken advantage of the communal hot tub and workout room. Moving may suck, but it was all worth it!

FYI…I plan to start posting more often, now that I have my computer up and going. I expect the next post will be about my weight loss goals, as that’s the next step. Since I’m still in the process of moving, expect updates on that as well. And as for the exciting part, we are meeting with the caterer on Saturday, so wedding planning is in full swing. Job hunting is on hold at the moment…I’ve got too much going on right now!


Glamour177 said...

Oh Chris must be totally in love, I mean all a man really needs is a hot meal (check!) and some football (check!).

I love that hot tubbing took priority over the moving in process :)

TheShoppingGirl said...

I have to feed him so I can avoid unpacking!

Hot tubbing is always a priority in my book. It's just like milk, it does a body good.