Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Step into My Closet

Glancing over at the passenger side of they car, my eyes catch a view of three rouge pairs of shoes. They are probably castoffs from a long day of work, when my feet just couldn't take it anymore. Or maybe they were the spare pair I brought along when I wasn't sure which went better with my outfit. I decide that it's definitely time to clean out the car.

The backseat pf my little SUV is still folded into its downward position, the position in which I put it into over two moths ago, when I moved. I left the backseat down because I was still carting a few leftover items from my parents' house to the apartment and vice verse. Now that I'm more or less settled in the new place, it's time to get the car clutter under control.

After a little more digging, I discover a pair of flip-flops under my three pairs of displaced heels: one pair of faux natural colored snakeskin, two pairs dark pink, one t-strap, the other alligator textured. The seat houses a pile of Cd's that I put away immediately, since it's such an easy task. Under the Cd's I find my letter of recommendation. That's not a safe place for such a document, so I remind myself to file it in my desk for safe keeping.

The clean up is coming along nicely, so next I head to the backseat, determined to finally put the seats in their upright and locked position. I swing open the door and reach in. My first find is a canvas bag, contents: four more pairs of heels. These heels were from the last trip I made back to my parents' house. I know there and then, the clean up of the car couldn't go any farther until I got my shoe collection under control.

Behold the product of my latest labor. My closet door, accessorized with 31 pairs of heels. Unfortunately, I just couldn't fit anything more than heels on the rack due to the high volume I own. There are still over twenty pairs of shoes left looking for a spot. My next goal is to organize the remainder; that way it's easy to see exactly what I have, easy to grab them quickly, and easy to keep them from cluttering up my apartment, my car, and anywhere else they end up (which seems to be everywhere).

And yes, I do realize that I may have a problem. I purchased four pairs of shoes in the month of February alone: a pair of open-toe, studded, Steve Madden booties, 4.5 inches, a pair of pumps, black and red faux snakeskin, 4 inches, a pair of white gladiator pumps with gold buckles up and down, 4 inches and finally (not pictured) a pair of brown leather wedges, strappy all around, also about 4 inches. In my defense, in the process of organizing my shoes, I did donate four pairs, so I'm about even. I just can't resist a pretty pair of size 6.5's, even if I do wear my slip on sneakers most of the time.


Lisa said...

You are not alone with this illness, this shopping affliction. I have a friend, I swear it is REALLY a friend, who loves shoes as if they were real. We took a road trip one year and I told her she could not take SEVEN pairs of shoes. She started talking to her shoes saying, "She just doesn't understand you and how well only you go with X outfit." I flippantly respond with "Shoes don't have 'soles'!" She giggled and said technically they do. :)

mel said...

wow, what a great collection of heels!
i'd love to have a set like that someday, but have a problem with walking in them. most of mine are ballet flats, with some wedges in the mix. maybe when "i grow up.." lol

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I have the same illness. I am a shoe whore for sure.

Brooke said...

ooh i love the closet!! :) my hubby just built me some shoe shelves for mine.

hi, my name is brooke and i'm a shoeaholic. at last count i have 60 pair.

Deconstrction - Fashion and Beauty from a Gritty City said...

Oh my, you sound exactly like me with shoes. I had 50+ pairs when I graduated HIGH SCHOOL.

I am a 6.5 too!

Thanks for visiting my blog! If you add yourself as a follower to mine, I will return the favor!

Rene W. said...

Wow - what a beautiful collection! I can't wear heels anymore :( I think I've died a little inside.

Anonymous said...

Saw your comments - thanks for joining Gilt! I don't get the referral credit until you purchase something, but I am sure that is just a matter of time because the site is great. I am also now a follower :-) Feel free to come back to my blog to leave comments anytime!

Amanda said...

You SO do not have a problem. Your shoes are AMAZING. Color me jealous of this set up, girl! Stopping by from Lady Bloggers! Your site is great, I'll be reading more!

WhisperingWriter said...

I have a shoe obsession.

For my daughter.

I only own 4 pairs of shoes but I wear my Sketchers with everything.

Anonymous said...

I am mentioning your blog now on the Lady Bloggers teaparty :-)

Persis Shah said...

ooooh i love this closet!!! i have a huge shoe fetish too! i had a carpenter create special storage for them under my bed :P