Friday, February 19, 2010

Times Flies When....

Time just seems to be getting away from me. Late Tuesday night I made it back from the wonderful trip to Disneyland. We had tons of fun and took it kind of easy for once, so that was great. The weather was amazing and I definitely soaked up some much needed rays. I even celebrated my birthday while in the park even though it isn't until the 23rd, but considering I will probably just hang out at home on the actually day, I think it's okay. I missed celebrating Valentine's Day with my honey, but we celebrated early. My mom, sister, and I made a girls' day out of Valentine's Day, even having a fancy lunch with some princesses. (Corny I know, but fun none-the-less.) The one complaint I have is that the lines were much longer than I had expected them to be in February, even if it was a holiday weekend. We missed out on a couple things with the limited time, but still experienced the magic!

(One more tiny complaint: Weekends there is a firework show at night, and the park pretty much shuts down an hour before it starts, during, and even about thirty minutes after the display. I don't mind just sitting and watching, but because the whole park is basically forced to stand and watch (no sitting, except if you can find a bench that someone hasn't parked their butt on for hours in anticipation) there is nowhere to go. I was forced into the only open spot of pavement until the show began. Unfortunately, the reason it was open was due to the fact that there was a nice, large pile of vomit next to it. But I waited it out until the crew came and cleaned it up, and miraculously it was disinfected and smelling acceptable just as the show began.) Thought you might enjoy that little story, because for any of you that know me, you know, these are the things that can only happen to me.

Anyway, I wanted to be sure to post today because I'm off again! That's right, I've basically spent only one weekend at the apartment since moving in. I have a million plans, but none of them involve being here. Guess that's what happens when your only friends in the city you live in are your fiance and your two cats. (Still love it here though!) I'm heading back to my parents house tomorrow, to catch the Bon Jovi concert with my mom, sister, and family friend. This won't be my first Bon Jovi concert, but it will be the first one not in the absolutely last row in the place. I'm also hoping it will be the first one that doesn't involve the sweaty lady from the seat next to me grinding on my in her leather pants. Cross your fingers for me! (I'm telling you, these things can only happen to me.) I don't yet know if I'm staying until Saturday or Sunday, but I do know that I have a lot of junk stored up in my old room, so I promise myself that I will take some time to de-clutter more.

Speaking of de-cluttering, that goal is actually going along well. Chris and I recently spent some time in the garage and I organized and purged another nice chunk of things. I'm happy with the progress, but I know there is still a lot more work to be done! Keep on chuckin'! (Get it? It's late, forgive my stupid humor.)

Finding a job has not been going well. I can't find anything that sounds appealing, but that hasn't stopped me from applying. I haven't received a single call back. Guess I'll have to try a different approach with my cover letters. I know I should really get out there and start networking more, but I just haven't pushed myself to do it yet. Must just be fear or rejection holding me back. And if I'm really being 100% honest here, I have been a little lazy. I've been hoping for some fantastic opportunity that just comes up. That's what I've always lucked into before. I've been secretly hoping it would happen serendipitously just one more time. I think it's time to just get out and there and network.

Wedding planning is going well. We have our menu finalized and it sounds delicious. Our caterer has been so amazing to work with and I think everyone will be really happy with the choices. We've got three fancy passed hor dourves in addition to the salmon and chicken, added to some pasta salad, regular salad, an array of fresh fruit. This blurb does it no justice. My old college roommate, a graphic designer, is designing the invitations. I need to get in touch with her again, to show her some samples of what I like. (If anyone has any good suggestions for invitations, please feel free to comment.) We have a great photographer and I hear she can work wonders with Photoshop. I'm hoping she can put my head on someone else's body or at least slim me down the 70 pounds I'm hoping to shed! Only joking. I've only lost about 5 pounds total since I moved into the new place, but at least it's a start. The wedding is now 6 months away, so I better get into gear.

Although, I am proud to announce that I am under 200 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm not that proud to announce that because I have just admitted that I was over 200 pounds, but what they heck, most of us are on a weight-loss journey and completely understand. I'm going to convince myself that you're not judging; you understand that the extra weight doesn't come from sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons, and not doing much else. You know, it's there despite the limited calorie intake, the lack of carbs, the extra walks up the stairs, the hours on the elliptical, the weight-loss shakes and the starving, the pilates and the endless treadmill. You name, I've tried it all, as I'm telling myself you have, too. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we gain, but it's a never-ending struggle. While I keep saying I'd like to lose 70 pounds, the reality is, I haven't weighed that little since elementary school (I developed early). So while losing 70 pounds would put me at my dream weight, I'm thinking more realistically. By the wedding, I would love to lose 30 more pounds. It's a big goal, but attainable in six months. That's only a total of 5 pounds lost a month. I know it's easy said than done, but I really am working on "life style changes". (Yes, that's a residual quote from my Weight Watcher's days.) I'm working on being confident and happy at any weight, but I need to be healthy, too. I just don't have much energy, and that's what I really want to get back.

Enough about all that, let's get to the good stuff. Shopping! As I said, my shopping has been on somewhat of a lockdown due to my lack of job and rapidly depleting savings account. I have an idea for a weekly post: Confessions of a Shopaholic. At the end of every week (or possibly two at this point in time) I will summarize what I bought a la Becky Bloomwood in the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic. (One of my favorites.) It's entertaining, but also a good way to keep track of what I'm actually spending, because sometimes, you don't even realize what you've spent with all the little things here and there. Let me know what you guys think, if that's something worth reading to you! I will tell you that just today, I "accidentally" purchased three pairs of shoes from You see, you had to spend $50 to get the free shipping and the shoes are all so cheap that it took three pairs to get to $50. Do you think Chris will believe that the Shoe Fairy came for my birthday?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

California, Here We Come

I may not have won the Superbowl, but I'm going to Disneyland anyway. That's right. I'm heading of with my mom and sister for five days to the "Happiest Place on Earth." It's a tradition that our family started when I was only six years old, to go to Disneyland at least once a year. (I say at least, because we have been known to go twice a year on occasion.)

Hey Mickey
When I was six my beautiful grandmother, Irene, passed away. My grandpa decided the family needed both some cheering up and some bonding time. As soon as summer hit and all the grandkids were out of school, we loaded up my grandpa's old Ford and my parents' new blue van with family. We grandpa led the pack followed by my mom, my sister, and myself. And my mom's only sister brought her three kids, too. In order to take less time off work (and avoid being trapped in a caravan with five noisy kids, their wives, and their father-in-law) my dad and my uncle opted to fly down to California after we have safely arrived.

Plane tickets for everyone would have cost a pretty penny, and those pennies were all coming out of my grandpa's pockets, so we were forced to do things his way. Now, I'm not complaining, because I still have some fond memories of the drive to California with my family. I remember my cousin, Joe, the only boy (besides my grandpa) singing his six year old little heart out, belting out many made up words. I remember having to pull over in the van every ten minutes when my oldest cousin, Dee, was terribly sick to her stomach. She toughed it out with the paper towels and stepped into the shrubbery on the side of the road. You see, we couldn't stop so she could use the restroom, because we were on a strict schedule that my grandpa implemented with much authority. When we had to stop to eat, we stop at Denny's and only Denny's. I think I have been to every Denny's from Washington to California. (No wonder my poor cousin was sick!)

It's been years since my grandpa has left us, but we still continue the tradition. We haven't gone with my aunt and her kids in many years, but they still go occasionally. To this date, I don't believe my uncle and dad ever made it back. They complained about long lines and cranky kids. (They were the cranky ones if you ask me.) It's clear that none of them developed the attachment to Disneyland that my mom, sister, and I have. My mom would live in Disneyland if she could; she could never tire of it. Each time we go, she reverts back to the child still inside her; Disney played such a huge part in her childhood. I think my mom's joy is part of the reason visiting the park is so magical for my sister and myself. We might be old and grown now, but this tradition is one to keep, because the feeling never changes. We like to think that Grandma and Grandpa join us there, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Or at least one person does! I'm proud to announce that Coryanne Ettiene the writer of one of my favorite blogs, Housewife Bliss, has honored with with my first award. I am now the proud holder of a Sunshine Award.

I would like to thank Coryanne for including me in her twelve blogs and also take the time to pass this on to those that inspire me with every post and witty comment. Thank you all the the support and the comments, and most importantly, the entertainment you supply me with! You all bring me my required daily dose of sunshine.

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12. The Secret is in the Sauce Though I'm not sure if I can actually present this site with the Sunshine Award, I feel it necessary to include it. If it wasn't for SITS, I would not have found a majority of these sites, so I am forever indebted to them.

To accept this little slice of sunshine, here are the rules for accepting:
• Put the Logo on your sidebar, or within a post.
•Pass the award onto 12 Bloggers.
•Link the nominees within your post.
•Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
•Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I Dying to Be Beautiful?

Shelves of beauty products
Today has been a day of learning for me. After my shower today, I was so excited to re-discover a lotion from Victoria's Secret that somehow surfaced during the move. I've had it for awhile, but it seemed to still be okay. (I have since checked the shelf life of lotion. It is two to three years, so I'm definitely in the clear.) Anyway, the lotion is the from "beauty rush" line and is the body whip moisture cream, the type that imitates whipped cream. Yes, you tip it upside down and squirt it out just like you were topping a sundae. I love these type of fun beauty products. As a holder of a marketing degree, when I buy a product like this, I feel like I'm rewarding the marketing team and saying, "Job well done. Keep the ideas coming." Because, let's be honest, it's probably not even that great of a lotion, and it's usually overpriced, but I'm paying for the novelty of it. I appreciate the innovation that went into it. I hope to be a part of that someday.

But I'm still not getting to my point. Just a minute, I'm almost there.

When Chris got home from work, I had my lotion on the coffee table. "Don't you like my lotion?" I asked him. "It smells so good and is so much fun!" Chris looked back and me like I was a little crazy, but smiled and said of course he liked it. He picked up the lotion to read the ingredients. As an Environmental Geologist, (whatever that is..j/k) he is really into being green and is always telling me how I'm ruining the planet. (I'm doing much better, Mother Nature. I'm trying. I'm sorry.) Chris hesitates for a moment, so I know what's least I thought I did. Chris tell me it contains propane and benzyl benzoate. "Yes, that's right, honey," he tells me. You are putting lighter fluid on your legs. I immediately jumped on the defensive and said I didn't care, I like my lotion, and I'm going to use it. But in my head I was imagining myself taking the bottle of lighter fluid from next to the barbeque and lotioning up. How insane is that? So, I'm not so sure I was use this lotion anymore. (I still think it's fun.)

So after that little lesson, I turned to check in on my blogs that I'm following. First, I checked in with Makeup Junkie. (I love makeup. It's one of my shopping addictions, but I've still been pretty successful at repressing my urge to shop lately...must find job soon.) Anyway, Makeup Junkie posted a blog about an article called, The Price of Beauty. The article was interesting, but what really interested me was about Vaseline. Now, I use Vaseline for everything, but I definitely put it on my lips all the time. After reading the article, I found out that when I put Vaseline on my lips, it's like drinking gasoline, I decided before I combust into a fireball adding gasoline to my lighter fluid soaked legs, I should re-think things. I'm not sure the validity of the claim that Vaseline on your lips, including in lip balms, is so bad, that it may even lead to breast cancer, but I'm also not sure that I want to take any chances. Beeswax is supposed to be a good alternative, so I'll stick to my Blistex Fruit Smoothies and the like.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good for Me

It's a good thing I factored in Monday as a recovery day when I was setting my goal timelines. I was totally sick; yuck! I'm feeling fine today, so I guess it's back to work.

Let me just quickly mention: Kathy Griffin is my hero. Her show was absolutely amazing; upon leaving the venue, my stomach was sore from laughing so hard for so long. I wish I could be funny like that; her show was just so witty and clever. And I probably appreciated it more than most as I have never missed an episode of the reality shows that she has based a chuck of her material around: The Real Housewives, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Hoarders, and of course her own, My Life on the D List. It was just too good for words.

Sunday morning, my dad brought me a variety of McDonald's breakfasts. No, I wasn't supposed to choose which type I wanted; I was supposed to eat them all. That's great for my weight loss goal. He gets offended if I don't eat everything and he sits and watches me eat, so I can't even pretend! I stuffed way too much food down, but managed to leave a few breakfast sandwiches in the bag. Did I mention that upon my arrival on Friday, my sister greeted me with my favorite Dairy Queen treat? Yes, the yummy layer of fudge and peanuts topped with ice cream, topped with more fudge and peanuts, layered with more ice cream, finished with another scoop of fudge and peanuts dessert. I could not resist and ate the entire thing! Do you see now why I said my family sabotages my goals?

Sunday I made it home minutes before Chris' parents arrived. He had finished cleaning everything, so the place looked great. I on the other hand was a mess, un-showered with a ponytail, sweatshirt, and jeans. I was just going to have to stay that way though, because there was no time. I really like Chris' family, and it was a nice visit. His parents checked out the new apartment (which they loved) and just chatted for awhile before treating us to a great lunch. They even brought us a housewarming present: a rice cooker (which I will have to learn how to use).

You should be proud to know that Chris and I, did in fact, send out our save-the-dates last night. We just used TheKnot to create a spreadsheet of our guests, uploaded it, and used the email save-the-date option. The email is really cute and the design matches the website we created. It was so easy I should have done it a long time ago. We already have people responding, it's great. I highly recommend it. (Don't worry, paper invitations will still follow.)

I have a lead on the job-front, which I plan to check out later today. I followed one lead this weekend, but it ultimately ended up that I would need to get my real estate license, and by the time all was said and done, it would be cheaper for me to not work.

Remember the skin care goal? Yeah, that one kind of feel off already. In my defense though, my skin was actually acting up with all the attention I was paying to it. I was breaking out and the routine, even with all the moisturizer, was drying out my skin so much, that a wrinkle actually starting appearing on my forehead. Now that I stopped, by skin is looking better and the wrinkle has pretty much disappeared. So don't follow that routine...even if it was in a magazine.

This weekend, I found SITS (The Secret is the Sauce) which is a support site for bloggers. It's great and I've already found new blogs to follow and even got a few new followers myself. It inspired me to do more with my blog, so I'm working on that now, too. Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit my page. Hopefully, once I find my voice a little more, I can be a little more entertaining!